Dive into
virtual reality!

We are a Czech studio creating experiences in virtual reality.

Our mission

We are developing unique experiences combining the latest dimension of virtual reality with real world motion - the ones you will not experience anywhere else.

We launched the biggest VR attraction in Europe so far, where you immerse yourself
in the Old Prague and meet the legendary Golem, at the Hamleys store in Prague.

We plan to distribute this revolutionary form
of entertainment all over the world.


Arachnoid VR

Arachnoid VR

Blue effect

Blue effect


DIVR LABS s. r. o.

Thámova 18 186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín Czech Republic
ID: 05214378 VAT ID: CZ05214378


Adam Paclt
+420 775 232 223

DIVR Labs - Thámova 18, Praha 8 Kliknutím zobrazíte pozici na Google Maps