DIVR is a Czech gaming “VR Only” studio primarily developing VR experience and VR games for HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and in future also for PS VR. Our Blue Effect pilot project, received positive acclaim and respect in the virtual reality world.



Three, two, one, LAUNCH!

DIVR was founded in July 2016 by Ondřej Bach, shortly after HTC released its virtual reality headset - the HTC Vive. At that time, Ondřej was looking for an opportunity where he could use his experience from his time in the mobile game development industry. After meeting with former colleagues and trying different games on the HTC Vive for the first time, everyone had a clear vision of what the future is all about. Nothing else was needed in order to inspire a bunch of veterans of the Czech game scene to dive into something new, unrecognized and totally absorbing.

Jaroslav Stehlík

"My very first VR experience was with Oculus DK2 glasses and I was frankly disappointed - suffering from VR motion sickness. The turning point, however, occurred on PAX in Boston, where I was able, after waiting in an incredibly long queue, to test the PS VR game 'London Heist'. Right from the start, a bug appeared in the form of a trigger remapping error in the hand-controller, which caused me to drop the magazine instead of firing the gun. After realizing that besides taking the magazine into my hand I could as well take someone down with it, I was completely thrilled and wanted more. I ordered the HTC Vive glasses on the second possible day of pre-sale and got them a month later after the first wave, but since there were only a few pieces in the Czech Republic, at that time, there was still plenty of opportunity to come up with something new. When I brought the glasses among 'the boys', they were all so excited that we decided to go into our first VR project - Blue Effect."

Jaroslav Stehlík

Blue effect

The decision to develop this intergalactic shooter game was as fast as unpacking the first HTC VIVE headset. A tiny snag appeared at the very beginning - the tools for developing virtual reality did not exist. We had no other choice than create everything from scratch. On September 29, 2016, the game went into early access, and on February 9, 2017, the full version was sent out to the world. At the same moment it was also extended to the Steam platform, Oculus Rift and Touch.


Blue Effect has also become a successful reference for commercial projects. Offers have begun to be tapped by telecom, FMCG, automotive, and airline companies. However, as working on these projects would make impossible to concentrate fully on the development of games, most of the offers were soon rejected. However, to one of them DIVR CEO, Ondřej Bach, could not resist. As a passionate racer, he took for his personal project the creation of 360° videos for the Škoda Motorsport.

Ondřej Bach

Škoda Auto is probably the most active company in the Czech Republic in the area of VR, so once they learned about our work, they asked us to shoot a 360° video for Škoda Motorsport. The project was a recording from the testing of the Fabia R5 WRC2 winner of 2016. Therefore the shooting conditions were extreme. Dazzling speed, brutal shocks, no stabilization, very limited room in the interior for the camera mounting. Immediately during the first stage test on one of the Šumava forest roads, the car returned with a suction holder on the roof, but without the Freedom 360 rig! The centrifugal force alone had literally pulled the rig from the holder. After a short search in moss and fern, we found all 6 GoPro cameras and improved the rig for sharp shooting. For the next project, we've upgraded to the GoPro Omni 360 rig, added video on motion graphics, and here you can check how it came out here.

Oppressed projects

We had plenty of ideas for future creations. From the last five prototypes of games, such as VRobin, suVRival or VRoberry, only one met all the fun and development criteria - the stealth game VRonin. In addition to the games, one very unique idea demanded it´s attention - VR experience under the name Golem VR.